Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Going To Kill You

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Dwarf said...


Your new kitten?

Hey, haven't heard from you in a while! I got a failure notice when I e-mailed you. Whats up?

Last time you saw my son Doug, was he still in high school at Cawthra, or
in Ontario College of Arts?
Thought you might like to see the web site just lauched for the video game
that he has been working on with some other Cawthra graduates (Julian
Spillane, Thomas Mathers, and Devon Patel - all Cawthra grads). They all
work together in Waterloo for a company Julian founded called "Frozen North

Here's the game's web site.

View the trailer and you'll see some nice images of the game.
It says it's coming out Jan. 2010 which was a surprise to Doug's team - they
thought it would be out for Christmas.
Not sure how negotiable this is..... They are still putting the finishing
touches on it.

There was to be a level editor in the final release, but it was scratched
after it was 80% complete.
Hopefully they will still release it later as a download.

Almost have my 650 Suzuki ready for the road, just finishing the paint.
I have the parts lookup section finished for T.O.Cycle.
It was about 6 weeks work reading their DBase III files using DevStudio,
and writing the data into javascript files. So they just have to run my app
once a day
to update the web's parts.

See you soon? - Kim
speedwaybikescom @